Hello Friend!

If you have found yourself here, it’s most likely because you have at least one very special furbaby that consumes an inordinate amount of your time, energy, finances and soul.

If that sounds like you, then I have one thing to say to you…

freckle-about-us.jpgHi and Welcome home! My name is Nicola, the creator of The Pantry Pet Supplies and the above paragraph IS me. I have 2 good boy doggos and 2 cheeky cats that have followed me around the world and spent the lion share of my disposable income over the years. Yes, it’s true that without my pets I may have travelled more and bought more expensive bags; but my heart would still be that bit emptier without the love of/ and for my furbabies.

Over the year’s I have tried a gazillion(the official number) types of foods, toys, leashes, beds etc and found some great products scattered amongst heaps that fall short of mediocre. You see, when it comes to pets there certainly is no shortage of products, brands, retailers or enthusiasts vying for your attention; but in reality quality products and information is scarce. I found myself learning things the hard way and spending buckets on lacklustre products; and all at the expense of my pets.

merlin-about-us.jpgSo I knew that if I was feeling this way, you would probably be feeling this way too. Where could likeminded paw-rents find great product paired with insightful information? And would it be asking too much if such a place also gave back to the animal community and supported talented Aussie makers?

The answer is The Pantry Pet Supplies. Our brand is built by our core values; not the other way around.

We exist to give back to the organisations on the front lines fighting for the lost and abandoned pets that just need another chance at love. Which is why we donate 20% of our profits to charity right from our first dollar. No IF’s no BUT’s no excuses.

jasper-about-us.jpgWe evolve because of the wonderful range we’ve curated from super talented Aussie makers that obsess over their designs and manufacturing to bring fellow pet people products to treasure. Many of these makers are carving away at their craft on the daily and you will not likely come across their brand in the Isles of mega-retailers, giving you a privilege not offered to all. Through your support these makers can continue to create and scale up their dreams.

We enrich through our first-hand experience of the products we range and recommend. Every brand and product we range is put through the hard yards by my pets. If they don’t eat/play/use it, we don’t sell it. It means that every product decision we make is a personal one; just like the decision you make when you place your trust in pet products. It’s about understanding that this product will go to a loved one and enrich their lives; and if it doesn’t enrich my loved one’s life, it simply will not do.

hoot-about-us.jpgNow if you have read this far, you have witnessed first hand my passion for our brand and what we stand for. And when you place your trust in our store, not only do you come away with phenomenal goodies your pet will delight in; but you hold a badge of honour having given back to charity and supported the dreams of our Aussie makers. Now that’s truly something to treasure.

P.S… Speaking of treasures, here’s another one for you. With every purchase from our store you share on Social media and tag us in the pic, we’ll send you a $10 coupon to spend with us next time.

Yours in Wet Noses,